Welcome back to 2020!

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A warm welcome back to all Reporoa College Friends and Whanau

We are up and running for the year with students already being busy. Our Year 13 students have returned from a successful leadership camp at Ohope. Our waka ama team has been practicing during the summer break up at Lake Okaro. Our Year 11 and 12 students completed their work- place first aid course in week one. This two day course covered CPR, trauma management and various scenarios that included a fair amount of gore and fake blood.

We have welcomed a new set of Year 7 students along with new students to the school across a range of year levels and they are settling well into life at Reporoa College.

Over the holidays we have been busy improving various facilities around the campus. There is a fancy new heating/cooling system in A Block which also introduces fresh air into each of the classrooms reducing those afternoon sleepy times. A block and the Science Block received new carpet and vinyl, the flooring was long overdue for an upgrade. We are also beginning the paint- ing of the Tech block with the internal refurbishment pencilled in for April. The driveway improve- ments are also pencilled in for the April School holidays, we just have to jump through a few hoops to get there.

We are pleased to welcome the following new staff for 2020: Amy Thope - Mathematics
Deborah Wall
- English
Wiremu Panapa
- Acting HOD PE

Marcia Devantier (nee Marshall) - Marcia here was a while ago and now has returned. Kim Larkins - Year 7 & 8
Kasey Wills
- Teacher Aide
Chele White
- Teacher Aide

Emma Nichols - Teacher Aide
Phillip Williams
- Learning Support Coordinator Deslie Mita - Learning Support Coordinator.

We are also thrilled to welcome back Sheridon Phillips as Teacher Aide this year and also Karla Shaw who is reading testing our junior students. We also have our itinerant music tutors back and already students are lining up to sign up for these lessons.

In our first assembly I talked about getting involved in school and making sure students get the most out of it, as the saying goes work hard and you will reap the rewards”.
Make sure your child is signing up for as much as they can - we are fortunate in a small school that our students can join in on many teams, groups, sporting and cultural activities. It really is en- couraged that they all make the most of their time at school.

This year we have opted into the School Donations scheme which has meant that a number of costs that we used to pass onto parents now have been covered by the ministry, hopefully this will reduce some of the financial strain for our school community.

Brendan Carroll Principal