Chair - Kerry Pearce
Principal - Brendan Carroll
Staff Rep - Catherine Silberschmidt
Board Secretary - Susan Melville


  • John Guyton
  • Bruce Tremain
  • Tracey Meads
  • Graeme Monk
  • Hine Maria-Hati
  • Student Rep - Nebo Porquis

2020 2022 Reporoa College Charter And Strategic Plan 2020

August 2019
Board of Trustee parent representative elections in May saw strong interest and seven nominations for the five available seats on the Reporoa College Board. Following a close result and the final seat being decided by lot, duly elected to the Board for the next three years were:

  • Kerry Pearce
  • John Guyton
  • Melissa Edwardson
  • Graham Monk
  • Bruce Tremain

I would like to personally thank those seven nominees who stood up to represent the College Community, and congratulate those elected. I would also like to thank those community members who participated in the election.

The first meeting with the new Board took place on 19 June 2019, with the first agenda item the election of a Board Chair. I was humbled to be nominated again, and take up the post until the end of the year. There are many exciting items on the horizon for Reporoa College, including potential property and ground upgrades as part of ensuring we have the best educational facilities for our students. This has meant the new Board has had to hit the ground running to ensure the hard work of the previous Board is continued and we can look forward to a bright future.

I’m sure the rest of 2019 will bring with it challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed and taken advantage of, however I do believe we have the staff and tools available to continue to move the College into the future. I would encourage anyone who would like to be kept informed of Board activities to come along to any of the regular Board Meetings.

Naku noa
Kerry Pearce
BoT Chair

2020 Board of Trustees Minutes

2021 Board of Trustees Minutes